NutriLeads launches clinically backed BeniCaros for sustainable, year-round immune support

Published: 1-Oct-2021

Dutch health ingredients company, NutriLeads, announces the launch of its proprietary immune health ingredient, BeniCaros

Upcycled from carrot pomace, BeniCaros is developed for supplements and functional food and beverages, and it is clinically supported to help to prepare your immune system to be fit all year round.

NutriLead’s proprietary extraction process unlocks rhamnogalacturonan-I (RG-I), the polysaccharide that gives BeniCaros its potential to deliver a dual mechanism of immune support.

BeniCaros and its benefits are based on many years of robust preclinical and clinical research providing evidence that daily consumption of BeniCaros prepares the healthy immune system to function at its best when it matters most.

As little as 0.3 g/day was shown to be effective in a pivotal clinical trial. BeniCaros works by supporting the immune system to become more responsive to potential threats and challenges while also stimulating beneficial gut micro-organisms and their metabolites, which in turn support immune responses.

“I have been active in this field for more than 25years and have never seen another ingredient with such distinctive data supporting its effectiveness. Our main clinical trial demonstrates unique and very consistent effects of BeniCaros,” said Dr Ruud Albers, CSO of Nutrileads.

“There are many immune health ingredient options out there, but very few that work like BeniCaros and even fewer that work with the same efficacy to support immune function. At a time when demand has surged for immune health solutions, we see BeniCaros as a clear and unique way to improve health and wellness.”

BeniCaros is a soluble fibre made using a proprietary process by upcycling carrot pomace, a side stream of carrot juice production. It is a sustainably produced, tasteless and odourless powder that does not use artificial additives, making it a very label friendly ingredient.

BeniCaros can be formulated into most functional food, beverage and supplement formats and meets consumer demands for a sustainable, clean ingredient that makes a difference.

“Having worked with the NutriLeads team on the development of BeniCaros since 2015, I am thrilled that we can now launch BeniCaros and make its benefits available to consumers together with our partners, the food and beverage and supplement companies,” said Erik Dam, CEO of NutriLeads.

“There is no better way to get these benefits. While you can eat carrots, and RG-I is a natural component of carrots, it requires our proprietary technology to fully unlock RG-I from the carrot and make it available in the gut where it can do its work. BeniCaros delivers superior benefits for optimal health outcomes at a time when consumers want and need it most.”

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