NutriLeads reveal new website and brand campaign

Published: 14-Mar-2024

The campaign centres around presenting BeniCaros, the precision prebiotic ingredient

NutriLeads BV has launched a new corporate and product website showcasing BeniCaros, the company’s ground-breaking precision prebiotic and immune-training fibre ingredient. 

The website reflects BeniCaros’ positioning as the ingredient to fuel product innovation for functional food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers.

“BeniCaros sets a new standard for prebiotics by meeting the perfect mix of manufacturer and consumer expectations for new gut and immune health focused products,“ said Joana Carneiro, CEO of NutriLeads.

“BeniCaros’ combination of benefits and attributes help product manufacturers capitalise on market opportunities.”

The debut of the new website accompanies the launch of a new advertising campaign: “We’ve Got the Gold,” emphasising the numerous benefits of BeniCaros that drive innovation. 

Whether used as a standalone or combination ingredient, BeniCaros has versatility across a wide spectrum of food, beverage and dietary supplement formats.

The benefits and attributes of BeniCaros include:


  • Its ability to train the innate immune system: Clinical research demonstrates that BeniCaros trains the immune system to respond smarter, faster and stronger. Thanks to its dual mechanism of action, it also robustly and consistently promotes the growth of beneficial bacterial species in every type of gut microbiome ecosystem.
    These include Bifidobacterium spp. (B. longum and B. adolescentis) and anti- inflammatory species (e.g., F. prausnitzii, A. hallii, R. hominis). These beneficial gut microorganisms strengthen gut health and are known to support overall health and well-being.
  • Small serving size: BeniCaros’ daily serving size of as low as 300 mg creates numerous product innovation opportunities for delivering anytime, anywhere convenience to consumers.
  • Upcycled & plant-based: BeniCaros is a patented pectin-derived polysaccharide known as rhamnogalacturonan-I or RG-I It is upcycled from carrot pomace through a proprietary natural extraction process.
  • Ideal formulation properties: BeniCaros has little to no negative impact on taste, odor or texture. It is water soluble, heat/pH stable and suitable for most foods, beverages and supplements. BeniCaros is GRAS, vegan, Kosher, Halal, and free from GMOs, gluten, additives and artificial ingredients. Available in organic form.

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