Nexira announces its brand inavea has achieved carbon neutrality

Published: 1-Feb-2021

To meet this ambitious and 100% voluntary challenge, Nexira is supported by EcoAct, a leading company in environmental and carbon strategies

Global warming now requires the acceleration of actions and investments to limit carbon emissions. Current laws under consideration call for government-sanctioned projects, which are underway to support the decarbonisation of the industry, precipitating the arrival of environmental labelling. In response to these new needs, we now have the ability to supply our customers with inavea, the first line of carbon neutral ingredients.

Origins and motivations

In association with the NGO SOS SAHEL and its partners, Nexira is particularly involved in sustainable development of acacia forests for future supply. This innovative and collaborative approach combines economic and social development for local populations with environmental protection to prevent deforestation.

"The inavea CARING BY NATURE project is an opportunity to promote an entire sector. With inavea, we have taken on an ambitious challenge, that of carbon neutrality. Our involvement for many years in the preservation of natural resources and the support of local communities will be further strengthened. We believe that it is a lever for development for the company and that it makes sense for who we are”, declares Mathieu Dondain, Nexira CEO.

Carbon labelling

Many companies are committed to a process of transparency and are already communicating on the environmental impact of their finished products (examples upon request). The eco-score has been launched in France since the beginning of January 2021. Where the Nutri-Score calculates the nutritional value of a product, an Eco-Score measures the environmental impact of food.

This environmental labelling, in the form of a rating from A to E, will be affixed to the food products that these players offer, with the idea of ​​informing the consumer about the environmental impact of the products they buy, based on life cycle assessment. For a manufacturer of finished products, raw materials could represent a big part in their carbon footprint. Carbon neutral, inavea ingredients will count for zero emissions in the customer's carbon footprint.

“To contain global warming, we must reduce our emissions. Agri- food companies will be forced to do so. They are our clients. We now know from the Paris Agreement that manufacturers will sooner or later have to label the environmental value of their product in order to offer consumers a new criterion of choice. We are now able to supply them with the first range of carbon neutral ingredients", says Simon Levesque, Nexira Business Development Director.

How to become a carbon neutral ingredient

To meet this ambitious and 100% voluntary challenge, Nexira is supported by EcoAct, a leading company in environmental and carbon strategies. The carbon neutral approach is divided into 3 steps:

  • We measure (Summer 2020): Everything is analysed with the GHG Protocol, an internationally recognized methodology. Nexira efforts must be concentrated on the Energy-related emissions which account for 45% of CO2 emissions.
  • We reduce (October 2020): Following the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) guidelines to align Nexira’s emission targets and timelines. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions by 18% across our entire scope by 2025.
  • We compensate (December 2020): To offset its inavea range, Nexira has chosen to contribute to a project carefully selected by EcoAct and certified by Gold Standard, thus ensuring that the project meets the most rigorous standards.

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