Nexira launches the third phase of its "Acacia Program to Promote Sustainability in Africa"

Published: 22-Nov-2023

As consumers increasingly expect the food, beverage and supplement industries to address climate change, Nexira is proud to announce the launch of the third phase of its "Acacia Program"

This program aims to promote sustainability and positive social impact in Africa. At the same time, Nexira is making significant strides to reduce its carbon footprint.

Sustainability commitment

Nexira's programme has a long-standing commitment to preserve natural resources, support local communities and promoting sustainable development. The company aligns its sustainability approach with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Acacia Program, phases 1 and 2 (2009-2020)
For more than a decade, Nexira has worked in Chad in collaboration with SOS Sahel and its partners to protect the acacia resource, enhance the lives of local populations and promote sustainability.

Key achievements include increase of acacia gum production, reforestation efforts, action in favour of biodiversity through assisted natural regeneration or improved cooking stoves.

Acacia Program, phase 3 (2022-2030)
The phase 3 of the Acacia Program is a significant milestone in Nexira's journey towards a more sustainable future. This initiative complements the phases 1 and 2 of Acacia Program and supports rural communities engaged in gum acacia production.

It focuses on strengthening the gum acacia sector with more producers involved, a particular benefit for women, and a greater surface of responsible forest management. Key objectives include

  • the involvement of 200 villages and 50,000 producers
  • work on 300,000 ha of sustainably managed forest
  • to increase the quality and productivity of gum acacia from 2600 tons to 5000 tons
  • empowering women involved in the sector
  • the implementation of regenerative natural agriculture methods
  • the development of the gum acacia value chain
  • expanding access to financial services for producers.

In addition, this phase of the Acacia Program could sequester over 60,000 tCO2e of emissions annually. 

Carbon footprint reduction

Nexira's CEO, Mathieu Dondain, stated: "We must look to the future and carry strong values that correspond to us. Global warming is a significant challenge and, with the inavea caring by nature project, Nexira is committed to contribute to collective carbon neutrality."

Nexira has been measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions since 2009. The company has identified and controlled emissions across its operations.

With a reduction plan in place, Nexira has set up several actions such as a consequent investment in less emitting technologies and a collaborative work with suppliers on less emissive transport solutions.

These actions allowed a 9% reduction of our carbon footprint per ton of finished product between 2019 and 2022. This reduction represents about 5500 tons of CO2 (equivalent to 625 world tours by car).

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Nexira's dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident through its actions in reducing carbon emissions and driving social development through the Acacia Program.

These initiatives demonstrate Nexira's firm commitment to making the food and beverage and supplement industries more environmentally friendly and socially inclusive.

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