New benchmark for standardised ginger extract powder

Published: 31-Oct-2017

Naturex and Olene are collaborating through Ingenium, Naturex’s Open Innovation Program, to bring Gingest to the global market

Gingest is a new, highly standardised ginger extract powder for natural digestive health applications.

Gingest was developed using Olene’s innovative and patented new technology, Aqueosome.

This solvent-free and safe process makes it possible to obtain ginger oleoresin powder while retaining a high level of standardisation of active compounds (greater than 26%).

This represents a breakthrough for the nutrition industry because it had previously not been possible to create a highly-standardised ginger powder extract.

With the launch of Gingest, however, it is now possible to achieve high content of the key active ingredients in ginger in a single small capsule (160 mg only).

Ginger, which is set to be the next big thing in botanicals, could be an answer to digestive health issues, which remain a major concern for millions of consumers worldwide.

Ginger has been known for centuries to relieve nausea, to calm and soothe digestion and to promote gastrointestinal comfort.

More than 40 clinical studies have demonstrated ginger’s benefits for digestive health and its antiemetic-effect.

An innovative natural solution for digestive health

Alexis Manfré, Global Category Manager Health & Nutrition for Naturex, said: “Our partnership with Olene enables us to bring to market a new natural digestive health solution that delivers on all of the dietary supplement industry’s key priorities: traceability, purity, efficacy, high levels of concentration in small volumes, and ease of use in multiple applications.”

“Our goal with Gingest is to set a new benchmark for highly standardised ginger powder and to begin educating the public about the documented benefits of gingerols and shogaols for digestive health.”

Vivek A. Parachur, Co-founder and CEO of Olene, said: “Through Naturex, we found a very strategic and resourceful partner in bringing our Aqueosome technology and in particular, Gingest, to the market. We are very happy to be partnering with Naturex, a company that embodies the same values as us in its work culture to ensure that the consumer gets the most scientifically validated product. We are most certain that Naturex’s credibility, market insights and global presence will make Gingest the best-in-class product in its category.”

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