Nestlé Health Science partners with Bioiberica

Published: 16-Jun-2020

New partnership has been agreed surrounding the Mobilee ingredient for joint health and mobility

Nestlé Health Science and Bioiberica are delivering an innovative solution for joint health and mobility through science-based nutritional ingredients.

Nestlé is incorporating Mobilee, a naturally-derived ingredient developed and patented by Bioiberica, into its MERITENE Mobilis. The product has already been introduced in Italy, with expansion to other markets planned.

MERITENE Mobilis is a specifically formulated blend of protein and nutrients that delivers a unique triple action formula to help nourish muscles, bones and joints. The Mobilee ingredient is a key part of this unique product's formula - a rooster comb extract that is proven to contribute to the maintenance of joint and muscle health.

Mobilee is naturally rich in hyaluronic acid and other components, including collagen and polysaccharides. Additionally, its nutritional characteristics and safety have been tested in six preclinical trials and five randomised clinical trials over the last twelve years.

"Leveraging Bioiberica's Mobilee ingredient helps us continue to bring innovative, science-based nutrition to consumers and patients with mobility concerns. Nestlé Health Science is committed to elevating the role of nutrition in helping people on their journey to age healthily. By supporting their ability to maintain their independence, we can help empower people to age the way they want", explained Rick Jentis, Global Head of the Healthy Aging Category at Nestlé Health Science."

"Joint health has become a major public health concern worldwide, largely due to an ageing population. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 130 million people worldwide will suffer from osteoarthritis - a degenerative disease associated with ageing and one of the leading causes of disability around the globe - by 2050. That makes mobility a strategic area for both companies and a key focus for our new developments and products," explained Jaume Reguant, director of Bioiberica Healthcare.

Reguant continued: "The partnership with Nestlé Health Science allows us to combine over 40 years' of experience in treating osteoarthritis and joint health and our specialist knowledge in the development, production and marketing of value-added ingredients from natural origin and, with the leadership and expertise of Nestlé Health Science to offer innovative products that support mobility and quality of life through nutrition"

Mobilee is authorised as an ingredient for nutritional or dietary use by the main competent authorities worldwide, such as the European Union (Novel Food), Canada (medicinal supplement), United States (self-affirmed GRAS status) Australia and New Zealand (medicinal supplement and non-traditional ingredient for use in functional foods), Brazil (Novel Food), India (functional ingredient), Indonesia and Taiwan (nutritional supplement),

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