Hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient could bolster muscle health, study finds

Published: 19-Mar-2024

The ingredient combined with whey protein could promote myocyte hyperplasia and differentiation

Bioiberica, a global company specialising in the research, production and commercialisation of biological molecules, is excited to reveal new scientific evidence behind its one-of-a-kind hyaluronic acid (HA) matrix ingredient for mobility – Mobilee.

Preliminary findings from the patent-pending in vitro research reveals a possible role for Mobilee, when combined with whey protein, in supporting muscle regeneration.

This latest advancement adds to a growing body of scientific data indicating the potential of Bioiberica’s HA matrix ingredient in human health, as well as creating more possibilities for innovation in the nutrition space.


The power of three

Mobilee is a patented HA matrix ingredient made up of three naturally-occurring components – hyaluronic acid (60-75%), polysaccharides and collagen. 

Backed by a robust body of scientific research, it’s demonstrated to support mobility at a low dose of only 80 mg/day.

Daniel Martínez Puig, Head of R&D Human and Animal Health at Bioiberica comments: “Quality research is the foundation of progression in the human nutrition arena – and as the scientific understanding behind our HA matrix ingredient grows, the more innovative ideas we spark. Mobilee has already demonstrated significant benefits for joint health, however, this latest study is the first-of-its-kind in the muscle health domain and marks the second phase of our research in this field. In the initial stage, we established that Mobilee plays a supportive role in muscles. But we wanted to trial its effects in combination with well-recognised and frequently used ingredients in the muscle health arena, like whey protein.” 


Mobilee + whey protein: a promising combination for muscle regeneration 

Bioiberica set out to investigate the effect of Mobilee plus whey protein on the muscle regeneration process.

Preliminary findings from the in vitro study in myocyte (muscle) cells confirmed that the combination promoted myocyte hyperplasia (an increase in muscle cell size) and myogenic differentiation; supporting muscle cell turnover and the renewal process.

Martínez adds: “By combining these two ingredients and showcasing their unique effect on muscle regeneration for the first time, we’ve opened up exciting opportunities for innovation in the food supplements and functional foods categories and we now plan to invest in further research.” 


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