Natures Crops International launches Ahiflower event

Published: 15-Sep-2020

Taking place September 23rd at 10am ET, the event includes interviews with industry experts, live from the fields and farms producing Ahiflower

Natures Crops International, producers of plant-based Ahiflower oil, have announced an industry event exploring the farming, marine eco-conservation, and emerging health science behind the vegan source of omegas.

Participants in the Finding Ahiflower event will hear from researchers, healthcare practitioners, conservationists, and agronomists, including David Sneed, executive director of the Coastal Conservation Association, Ian Hurst, expert UK farmer and Ahiflower grower and Dr Andrew Myers, ND.

Greg Cumberford, VP Science & Regulatory at Natures Crops said: “Ahiflower has shifted the perception of plant-based omegas, providing a sustainable and efficacious vegan alternative, and in this inspiring event, we share personal stories, industry knowledge and technical insights that shed light on this small, remarkable flower.”

Attendees will learn about Ahiflower, with information on its clinical evidence of potency and efficacy, regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices, cultivating opportunities for farming communities, the impact of diminishing sources of marine based omegas, securing long-term supply chains for omega-rich oils to meet global demand and the industry need for plant-based, omega-rich alternatives.

Previously disregarded as a local weed species found in the UK, it was discovered that the diminutive Ahiflower plant boasts an overall fatty acid content higher than any other botanical source known, Natures Crops says.

Human clinical evidence has demonstrated that Ahiflower is the single richest plant-based source of omega-3-6-9 oil. As marine resources continue to be depleted, this potent flower enables farmers to produce as much omega rich oil as 320,000 anchovies, on a modest acre of land.

Registration for the event can be found here:

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