Natural product manufacturer NOW reaches sustainability milestones

Published: 2-Feb-2023

NOW has reached significant transparency and sustainability milestones as it celebrates 55 years in business

NOW (registered trademark), an independent and family-owned manufacturer of natural products in the US health food store channel, is celebrating 55 years since founder Elwood Richard started the company by reaching new milestones in sustainability and transparency.

“I know my father would be pleased that we have continued his commitment to doing what’s right for the environment and our customers, and are constantly raising the bar,” said Dan Richard, VP of Global Sales & Marketing.

We remain committed to doing the right things for the right reasons

In keeping with the company’s long-standing mission to reduce environmental impact, NOW is transitioning supplement bottles to be made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin.

This transition will be rolled out initially to every product in the extensive supplement line currently packaged in white bottles, averaging more than 60 million bottles annually, with sports nutrition, pet supplements, and personal care lines to follow.

NOW will make the Certificates of Analysis (CofA) accessible for its entire line of more than 90 100% pure essential oils, which will be available to view via the NOW website. Each CofA, searchable by product lot number, shows the results of quality testing that each essential oil has undergone, confirming that it adheres to its product specifications and NOW standards.

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Essential oils are the initial product category in NOW’s latest efforts to continually raise the bar on transparency. Work is underway to expand the public CofA program to include other categories.

The company is also donating funds to plant 55,000 trees this year through the One Tree Planted initiative.

“When I joined NOW in 1995 I was impressed with the underlying ethics the company’s leadership brought to all decisions, and it’s been my honour to continue supporting that path. We remain committed to doing the right things for the right reasons,” said CEO Jim Emme.

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