Layn rolls out advanced sweetener platforms in Mexico

Published: 21-Sep-2018

Layn Corp. is rolling out its advanced sweetener and flavour systems in Mexico at the FoodTech Summit & Expo

Layn is introducing its Lovia sweetener platform and showcasing Monk Fruit by Layn on stand 1436.

“Our customers in Mexico are looking for sugar reduction solutions as the country continues to make efforts to reduce obesity and improve the health of the population,” said Mary Joe Fernandez, Vice President of Sales at Layn.

“It is an ideal time to launch the Lovia sweetener platform in the region as it leverages Layn’s sweetener expertise to deliver custom solutions tailored to specific applications and formulations.”

Layn has deep expertise in breeding, extracting and purifying steviol glycosides and mogrosides, and provides leading solutions that meet demands for taste preferences, application requirements and regional regulatory requirements.

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The Layn Lovia platform brings together mogroside compounds with exotic steviol glycosides to provide a sugar-like sweetness that can be used for deep sugar reduction in various applications. At FoodTech Summit, Layn will showcase Lovia Dairy in zero sugar smoothies and pudding with 75% sugar reduction, and also Lovia Bakery in zero sugar cookies and vegan bars with 50% sugar reduction.

Layn is the world’s largest producer of monk fruit extract and juice concentrate, both offered under the Monk Fruit by Layn name. This line leverages the company’s expertise in agricultural practices, extraction methods and formulating with mogrosides.

Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate is a newer option not offered by many suppliers in the industry but with its own set of very unique benefits and attributes. At FoodTech Summit, Layn will showcase Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate in a zero sugar, refreshing beverage.

Layn will work with FoodTech Summit attendees to explore specific formulation needs, and provide guidance on sweetener solutions.

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