Layn Natural Ingredients unveils enhanced functionality in ingredient library: search by active compounds

Published: 18-Oct-2023

Layn Natural Ingredients announces a significant upgrade to its widely acclaimed Botanical Ingredient Library

This upgrade introduces a powerful new feature that allows users to search by Active Compound, empowering the way businesses explore and harness the potential of botanical extracts for product development and innovation.

In today's dynamic market, quick and easy access to digital information is paramount, and Layn Natural Ingredients is committed to arming supplement, food, beverage, personal care, animal nutrition and pet brands with information and comprehensive resources.

With the introduction of the Active Compound search feature, the Layn Botanical Ingredient Library takes a significant leap forward in aiding product development, formulation and ingredient sourcing.

“With decades of extraction experience and a focus on developing standardised extracts, we understand the intricate world of natural botanicals and the diverse active compounds contained within,” said Elaine Yu, President of Layn Natural Ingredients USA.

“The unique molecular structure of each active compound helps define the technological and metabolic functions they perform. Our proprietary and precise extraction processes and rigorous testing methods help to ensure exact and standardized levels of these specific compounds."

"With the enhanced functionality of the Ingredient Library, visitors can readily navigate to these crucial compounds and the botanical sources they originate from."

"This reflects our dedication to providing our valued customers with the flexibility and precision they need to explore and source functional botanical extracts and provides another tool to help brands to make well-informed decisions.”

Key benefits of the Layn Botanical Ingredient Library's new Active Compound search feature include

  • Precision Searching: Users can now search for botanical extract ingredients based on specific active compounds, allowing for targeted and efficient exploration.
  • In-Depth Information: Detailed information on each botanical extract, including ingredient sourcing, functionalities, key botanical actives and more remains readily accessible.
  • Enhanced Formulation Guidance: Facilitating the development of products tailored to specific functional needs and applications.

The Layn Botanical Ingredient Library is a comprehensive online resource that provides access to a wealth of data on a broad range of botanical ingredients, including their tradition, origin, growing regions, targeted applications, technical and health support functions, associated research, molecular structure, safe/recommended dosages and, now, active compounds.

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Consumers today demand proven, natural, and clean-label ingredients. With this enhancement, manufacturers can efficiently navigate to the specific functional elements required to meet their application and formulation needs.

From Andrographolide to Ursolic acid, searching by active compound can help guide manufacturers to make informed decisions about functional botanical extracts.

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