Layn launches botanical ingredient library

Published: 12-Apr-2022

The free online search tool allows users to filter ingredients by application and access information on provenance and functionality

Layn Natural Ingredients, a manufacturer of botanical extracts, has launched a free online library and search tool to help businesses explore and learn about its botanical extract ingredients and map them to targeted applications and desired functions.

The digital, online resource allows visitors to locate and filter appropriate ingredients by human, pet, and animal applications, and access detailed information including ingredient sourcing, functionalities and key botanical actives.

“Providing quick and easy access to digital information is crucial in today’s market, and we developed the Layn Botanical Ingredient Library to provide a tremendous value to business customers as they seek deeper information about functional botanical extracts for product development and innovation,” said Collette Kakuk, VP of Global Marketing, Layn Natural Ingredients. “We provide open access so everyone from product development, R&D, and marketing can explore, learn, and make nimble and informed decisions as they look to add more botanical function in the products they produce. We’re excited about the value this provides to the marketplace as consumers continue to demand more functional, natural ingredients.”

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