Ingredia to launch two milk proteins at FI Connect

Published: 18-Nov-2020

Six out of ten global consumers are interested in learning more about where foods come from, and clean label will dominate consumer demand for food and drink products in 2021, according to consumer survey by market research company Innova

Ingredia is launching two milk proteins at FI Connect, Promilk Yogfluid and Promilk B Max.

Natural – indulgence – healthy are key words for products of tomorrow

Promilk Yogfluid was developed for high protein drinking yogurts, and features unique properties which allows raising protein content in recipe up to 12% in the finish product. The company says it brings a pleasant fluidity and keeps the creaminess out of an unctuous yogurt with a good natural milky taste.

Drinking yogurt is an ideal on-the-go snack for active people, as a breakfast replacement, or a healthy in-between meal snack. It meets many consumers’ three key product demands: health, mobility and pleasure, Ingredia says.

Moreover protein-enriched foods are now taken by mainstream consumers looking for healthy snacking options, which offer enhanced satiety effect and energy benefits.

Ingredia will be further discussing Promilk Yogfluid during its webinar at FI Connect.

The second product, Promilk B Max, is a clean-label texturiser. Made from dairy, the texture enhancer enables companies to formulate products with 100% dairy ingredients.

Making a fresh cheese mousse without gelatin or a cream cheese without carrageenan is now possible, Ingredia says.

More than 1 out of 3 products launched today is influenced by the clean label trend and for 40% of the consumers “clean label” means “Free from artificial ingredients”, according to Innova data.

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