Boost creaminess with Ingredia's new range of milk proteins PROMILK

Published: 10-Feb-2021

PROMILK CREAMY BOOSTER is a milk protein range developed to overcome challenges in product development

Because innovation is at the core of its strategy, Ingredia is developing unique functional and nutritional proteins. Streamlining manufacturing processes, improving nutritional profiles and enhancing recipe adaptability, are just a few examples of the benefits of its innovative proteins, PROMILK and PRODIET.

See below for a more in-depth analysis of its PROMILK CREAMY BOOSTER milk protein range.

PROMILK Yogfluid for drinking yoghurt

Specially developed for high protein drinking yogurt, PROMILK Yogfluid has unique properties which allows raising protein content in recipe up to 12% in the finish product.

PROMILK Yogfluid brings a pleasant fluidity and keeps the creaminess of an unctuous yogurt with a good natural milky taste. High in protein drinking yogurt meets consumer’s growing demand for healthy snacking!

PROMILK B-Max for clean label fresh dairy products

PROMILK B-Max is a clean label milk protein; a texture-enhancer from a dairy source to formulate indulgent dairy products with 100% ingredients from milk. Making a fresh cheese mousse without gelatine or a cream cheese without carrageenan is now possible.

Clean label is now part of Ingredia's daily vocabulary, it defines several consumption trends linked to health and sustainability. More than one product out of three launched in the world is concerned by the clean label trend and for 40% of the consumers “clean label” means “Free from artificial ingredients”.

PROMILK Yogchiz, for healthy fresh cheese

PROMILK Yogchiz allows to increase protein and decrease fat contents, while keeping a nice creamy, firm texture and delicious milky taste.

PROMILK 600A, for high in protein spoonable dairy products

PROMILK 600A helps to formulate healthy products, while keeping a nice shiny, spoonable texture and good dairy taste (no bitterness).

Ingredia is by your side with PROMILK CREAMY BOOSTER and our technical teams to answer healthy product development challenges, so get in touch today!

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