Lactium, a natural partner for your self-care routine!

Published: 10-Oct-2023

Located at stand 5711, Ingredia are set to provide a range of supplements that promote mental-wellbeing, in line with consumer trends

Go slow, synchronise with your feelings, rest and recharge…

The press is unanimous, mental well-being will still take central stage in 2023 self-care trends.

Self-care has expanded beyond just pampering oneself. It also includes actively taking time to rest, recharge, disconnect from technology and reconnect to oneself. This can mean planning time for relaxing leisure activities (breathwork, meditation, reading), as well as making an effort to get enough sleep and rest. 

Magazine Elle India quotes alternative ways to feel your feelings (with art therapy or mindful hobbies), wellness retreats travels, circadian-cycle eating among its 5 Wellness And Self Care Trends That Are Going To Be Big In 2023. 

Regaining inner peace and connection to oneself is a growing priority for Gen Zs and Millenials alike.

Sleep as an ultimate form of self-care? 

Stress is part of our modern life: 90% of the global population regards itself as being stressed, and 95% of the global population recognises that stress and anxiety have an impact on health. It is well known how stress can impact mental health with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but also very clear how it negatively impacts sleep. 

Sleep-deprivation is more common than one thinks: 62% of adults around the world say they don't sleep as well as they'd like*. A 2022 UK study by Direct Line Life Insurance company showed 71% of UK adults are not getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night** and may therefore drive dangerously.

Optimising one’s chances of good sleep is a growing trend with changing food intake patterns (lighter dinners for sounder sleep), digital detox, and a little help from natural sleep aid supplements. 

Lactium®: a natural ingredient to help manage stress and sleep disorders

Lactium® is a go-to solution for natural products lovers!  

With no addiction or side effects, this natural milk protein hydrolysate contains a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties called alpha-casozepine. Lactium® acts as an anxiolytic with an affinity for the GABAA receptor, more specifically for its benzodiazepine site. 

9 clinical trials on more than 500 volunteers have already demonstrated Lactium® efficacy on stress issues and sleep disturbances, with a recognition by the scientific community through several published articles. 

In 2021, a consumer satisfaction study on 338 volunteers also showed an overall 78% satisfaction, quite evenly split in 78% for action on moderate stress and 77% for action on sleep disturbances.

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