Indena launches its Enovita Organic

Published: 4-Oct-2021

Enovita Organic is a 100% organic extract derived from Vitis vinifera seeds

Indena, the Italian leading company dedicated to the identification, development and production of high-quality active ingredients derived from plants, announces its collaboration with Alvinesa Natural Ingredients.

For nearly 30 years, Alvinesa based in Spain, has been extracting maximum use of all the grape co-products derived from the wine-making process by means of research and development to obtain natural ingredients that are beneficial for health, environmentally friendly and contribute to food waste prevention.

Thanks to this collaboration, Indena has developed Enovita® Organic, a 100% organic extract derived from Vitis vinifera seeds, thus completing its grape seeds extracts range by adding the new organic product to Enovita® standard version.

“Once more, Indena sought the best partner for such an important project, a company which would guarantee a high quality and sustainability of grape seeds," says Daniele Giavini, Indena’s CEO.

"Starting from the full compliance with the European and US organic regulations, up to an environmentally friendly process based on a full upcycling approach, the botanical raw material supplied by Alvinesa allows us to offer a product fully controlled along the value chain. The grape seeds are sourced from vineyards in the Spanish South-Central region of Castilla-La Mancha, the largest organic vineyards in the world; then finally processed and released in Indena’s state-of-the art extraction plants, in compliance with the EU and USDA organic standards”.

“We’re very proud of our partnership with Indena, which allows us to strengthen our expertise in the valorisation of grape derived ingredients for the nutraceutical market," adds Jordi Ferre, Alvinesa’s CEO.

"We are highly skilled at adapting to the market needs and at working together with Indena to search for specific products solutions to meet their high-quality standards in a sustainable way. And we’re happy to start a positive collaboration with a leading company that has such a high reputation as Indena and to supply our unique organic natural ingredients to support their innovative launch”.

Alvinesa’s grape seeds are by-products of vinification and derive from an organic farming system that avoids the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and all vinification waste products are up cycled and transformed.

Moreover, the extraction process of Enovita® Organic is carried out using water and with no chemical solvents. All those processing standards guarantee a true sustainable final product: Enovita® Organic, certified by Certipaq Bio, in compliance with EU and USDA organic regulations.

Enovita® Organic aims to become an ally for stress resilience and cardiovascular wellbeing. Grape seeds contain the highest concentration of oligomeric proanthocyanidins which are effective antioxidants, blood glucose positive modulators, cardiovascular-friendly substances and neuroprotective agents1.

A recent human study originated by Indena shows that Enovita® Organic can modulate blood pressure in healthy people and borderline subjects, confirming the results also in people with higher cardiovascular risk1,2. Moreover, its potential is not limited to the blood pressure control: the same study revealed that it is effective in improving mood, stress management and quality of life, in particular reducing perceived stress and worries1.

Guaranteed by Indena and Alvinesa, Enovita® Organic is good for nature and human beings.


1 Schön C, et al. Nutrients. 13(2):654. (2021)
2. Belcaro G, et al. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 42(4):3131. (2013)

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