Indena at DCAT Week

Published: 28-Feb-2023

DCAT Week is held in New York, USA, from 20 - 23 March 2023

International pharmaceutical company Indena is set to display at DCAT Week, in New York from 20 to 23 March 2023. 

The company has extended an invitation to schedule a meeting with them to “find out how Indena can help tackle the biggest challenges in the bio/pharmaceutical value chain today.”

Among some of the products offered by Indena are Quercefit and Phytosome. 


With its antioxidant properties, modulation capabilities against inflammatory cascades and immunomodulation effects, Quercefit has been proven to have positive influence on blood circulation, immunity, virus exposure protection, metabolism and, more recently, eye health. 


Effective, safe and well-tolerated over time, Phytosome is Indena’s unique answer to enhance the power of phytonutrients. The breakthrough 100% food-grade delivery system is the most reliable and customisable solution in the nutraceutical field today.

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