Immune health ingredient BeniCaros wins twice at NutraIngredients-USA Awards

Published: 14-Jul-2022

NutriLeads product has been honored for nutrition research and immune support ‘Product of the Year’

BeniCaros, a natural immune health ingredient for foods, beverages and supplements from NutriLeads BV, received top honours in two categories at the prestigious NutraIngredients-USA Awards today.

BeniCaros won the 2022 NutraIngredients-USA Award in the Nutrition Research Project category that recognises “the best game changing nutrition research projects that push the boundaries of nutritional science.” The innovative, science-based ingredient is also an active ingredient in Stem & Root Daily Immunity from Bayer, which was named “Product of the Year” in the immune support category.

BeniCaros is a patented bioactive polysaccharide (fiber) known as cRG-I (rhamnogalacturonan-I) derived from upcycled carrot pomace. It trains the immune system to be fit year-round through a unique dual mode of action that both prepares innate immune cells and stimulates beneficial gut microorganisms that support immune responses. A recently published peer-reviewed clinical trial demonstrated that just 300mgs daily of BeniCaros accelerated protective immune responses and significantly reduced the severity and duration of symptoms after a controlled challenge with a common cold virus.

Stem & Root Daily Immunity combines BeniCaros and zinc in a novel formula that strengthens the immune system. In addition to solid science, BeniCaros enables Daily Immunity to offer consumers a sustainability value proposition as an upcycled and renewable ingredient.

“We are gratified to receive these prestigious honours for BeniCaros,” said Erik Dam, Chief Executive Officer of NutriLeads. “Our team, along with our research partners at numerous medical and scientific institutions, have worked diligently over the past decade to discover and develop this exciting new ingredient. We thank our partners at Bayer for making BeniCaros available to consumers who want to strengthen their immune and overall health.”

BeniCaros is supported by strong clinical research. It improves responsiveness of innate immune cells and increases beneficial microorganisms and production of their metabolites in the gut to further strengthen immune health. “The combination of direct effects on innate immunity and prebiotic effects provides a powerful dual mechanism of action that is unique among immune health ingredients,” said Dr Ruud Albers, NutriLeads co-founder and Chief Science Officer.

Since its commercial launch last year, BeniCaros has earned several coveted industry honours. It received a 2021 Health Innovation Award from Food Ingredients Europe. Earlier this year BeniCaros was a finalist for a NutraIngredients Europe award in the Nutrition Research Project category.

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