HBC and Catalent partner on delayed-release fish oil capsules

Published: 12-May-2021

Catalent’s technology reportedly enables an enteric release profile for softgel capsules without the need for an additional external coating

Hofseth BioCare has announced a partnership with Catalent to develop a delayed-release formulation of HBC’s OmeGo fish oil.

Catalent will use its proprietary OptiGel DR technology to encapsulate HBC’s fish oil derived from Norwegian Atlantic salmon. The technology reportedly enables an enteric release profile for softgel capsules without the need for an additional external coating, thereby employing a one-step manufacturing process and avoiding heat and drying during the coating process that may otherwise degrade the fish oil, Catalent says.

HBC is currently conducting studies to assess the potential role of its fish oil in preventing disease progression and helping to reduce inflammation, including in patients experiencing inflammation. The company expects to publish the results in the coming months.

“Our research into the health benefits of our unique oil has come a long way in the last 18 months, and we look forward to collaborating with Catalent, and hope to develop the partnership further, to leverage its innovative oral technologies to ensure the most efficacious delivery system,” said Dr Bomi Framroze, CSO of HBC. “OptiGel DR will enhance the OmeGo franchise, bringing advanced delivery technology as well as raising its profile amongst global leading healthcare companies.”

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity to combine the features of a high-quality ingredient with our new OptiGel DR capsule technology to create a product that delivers optimal benefits and experience for consumers,” said Dr Aris Gennadios, President, Softgel and Oral Technologies, Catalent. “Our rich history and innovation in softgel technology has allowed us to create a dosage form that delivers ingredients and formulations with an enteric release profile in robust capsules, providing product performance to meet consumers’ expectations.”

OptiGel DR capsule technology was launched by Catalent in 2020, and enables companies to formulate products in a softgel dosage form with a delayed-release profile, protecting active ingredients that may be degraded by acid in the stomach and releasing those active ingredients directly in the intestines where they are absorbed. The technology also preserves the clarity of the capsule, Catalent says, which is important for HBC to showcase the colour of OmeGo fish oil.

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