DuPont Nutrition & Health launches new CHOOZIT cheese cultures


Reinforces leadership position in soft-ripened cheese

DuPont Nutrition & Health launches new CHOOZIT cheese cultures

Drawing on its long history of innovation and expertise in the development of dairy cultures, DuPont Nutrition & Health has announced the introduction of two cheese cultures for use in soft-ripened cheese making.

These new DuPont Danisco CHOOZIT brand cheese cultures, CHOOZIT ST 20 and CHOOZIT PC FAST, are specifically designed to optimise production and consistently produce high quality soft-ripened cheese.

'Consumers prefer soft-ripened cheese with a nice and stable white surface and soft texture,' explains Annie Mornet, Global Product Leader, Cheese Cultures. 'While cheese manufacturers want to satisfy these consumer desires throughout a cheese’s shelf-life, they also want to maintain a high throughput level. These objectives don’t always align.'

Controlling acidification and rind formation times are essential in making consistent, high quality, soft-ripened cheese. CHOOZIT ST 20 and CHOOZIT PC FAST cheese cultures address these challenges.

CHOOZIT PC FAST cultures offer more rapid development of stable white rind, enabling packaging to begin earlier. And CHOOZIT ST 20 cultures offer direct vat inoculation in the milk with an early and controlled acidification to achieve desired cheese texture.

'Another benefit of CHOOZIT ST 20 cultures is a significant reduction in the risk of phage issues,' said Mornet. 'This helps our customers to maintain consistent cheese production times and optimise yield, while maintaining a high standard of cheese quality and food safety.'

CHOOZIT brand cheese cultures and all DuPont Danisco brand cultures are supported through a global network of food scientists and dairy technologists with unique know-how and experience across the cheese and dairy industry.

Additionally, DuPont production facilities dedicated to soft-ripening cheese cultures located in France ensure optimal management of production and functionalities.

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This combination of resources gives dairy manufacturers the ability to deliver unparalleled consumer value to the marketplace with their cheese products. No matter which cheese process is being used by dairy manufacturers, DuPont has the right combination of skills, expertise and ingredients to deliver a complete solution for specialty and industrial cheeses.