DuPont launches series of cultures to reshape fermented dairy industry

Published: 21-Sep-2020

New dairy cultures allow for the production of optimal yoghurt for both consumers and producers

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has announced the launch of the latest series of dairy cultures and probiotic formulations for China, offering yogurt producers new solutions for differentiation today and positioning them for future growth.

These new cultures enable faster fermentation and higher probiotic counts while maintaining a mild taste and premium texture for consumers. The new cultures include

  • The YO-MIX PRIME cultures offer manufacturers the ability to create optimal mildness and premium creamy texture for consumers. The culture enables the reduction of added sugars and a high probiotic count, while maintaining quality throughout challenging distribution channels. It also allows manufacturers to save on formulation costs by reducing protein addition in recipes, and greater process flexibility due to fast fermentation and full control of acidity before cooling and packaging. YO-MIX PRIME 900 offers manufacturers the option to fine tune the texture of yoghurt according to consumer preferences.
  • The YO-MIX FAST 1.0 cultures enable fast fermentation, delivers thick and smooth texture, and are adapted to different yoghurt recipes and processes. Discovered and designed by French scientists, YO-MIX FAST 1.0 is manufactured in the French Alps and protected with a China-granted patent (patent no. ZL 200910224873.X).
  • The German-made DuPont Danisco LPC 800 cultures allow for refreshing beverages without too much acidity, while maintaining high Lactobacillus bacteria count until the end of product shelf-life. Compared with market alternatives, it enables faster fermentation within 24 hours which helps to reduce the risk of contamination. DuPont Danisco LPC 800 is an ideal choice in low-sugar recipes, resulting in a more stable and refreshing flavour than currently available cultures.
  • HOWARU Bifido combined with YO-MIX cultures creates new opportunities for a higher dose of documented probiotics in premium probiotic yoghurt.

“These new yoghurt cultures demonstrate how market driven innovation, combined with local expertise in regions around the world, brings faster fermentation, higher probiotic counts, milder taste and a healthier brand image to fermented dairy products,” said Morten Boesen, Global Product Line Manager, Dairy Cultures, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.

“This is the latest from DuPont’s extensive range of yoghurt and fermented milk cultures that lowers formulation costs for our customers while maintaining quality and taste for consumers, effectively reshaping the future of fermented dairy products.”

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