Clinical study shows AstaReal astaxanthin is effective in reducing both mental and physical fatigue

Published: 10-Nov-2016

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics & Medicines has demonstrated that AstaReal astaxanthin was simultaneously effective against both mental and physical fatigue

Dr Robert Corish, AstaReal's medical adviser, explained: 'This trial evaluated the most common type of fatigue that most of us experience during our daily routines; both mental fatigue and physical fatigue. The results show that AstaReal astaxanthin suppresses and fights both types of fatigue and improves performance. Fatigue is the most common complaint heard by physicians today; and in my experience, this is the first time that a natural ingredient has been shown to improve this common condition.'

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, individuals were treated with AstaReal astaxanthin for 8 weeks. The study was designed to induce fatigue and stress, similar to that encountered in daily life. For the mental challenge, individuals were subjected to a battery of timed calculations (the Uchida-Kraepelin test) — a test requiring intense concentration.

The physical component was performed using a bicycle ergometer. Metrics of fatigue were assessed both before and after the stressor tests.

Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) analysis showed that AstaReal astaxanthin significantly reduced perceived symptoms of mental and physical fatigue compared with the placebo.

These included improvements in clarity of thinking, concentration, motivation and mood. Irritation and feeling of body heaviness were reduced.

In the calculation test, an increase in errors observed in the placebo during the second half of the test was almost eliminated in the astaxanthin group. Supplementation with astaxanthin also significantly reduced salivary cortisol, a biomarker for stress.

Eric Caston, General Manager at AstaReal, stated: 'Everyone requires not only physical endurance for their daily lives, but also the mental endurance needed for sustained concentration, decision making, memory and motivation. Supplements containing AstaReal astaxanthin could be especially beneficial for teachers, healthcare and financial professionals, and athletes as they must perform under high levels of stress and are often victims of fatigue.'

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