Clasado prebiotic now supported by 100 studies

Published: 1-Sep-2021

Originating as a research project at the University of Reading, Bimuno has been worked on for 17 years

Prebiotic developer Clasado Biosciences has announced that its galactooligosaccharide (GOS) ingredient, Bimuno is now supported by more than 100 studies into its safety and efficacy, which include more than 20 clinical trials.

Originating as a research project at the University of Reading, the prebiotic has been worked on for 17 years. Today, the company claims, it’s one of the most studied commercially available prebiotic ingredients available to brands and formulators.

Dr Lucien Harthoorn, Research & Development Director at Clasado Biosciences, commented: “We have often highlighted how Bimuno is the most studied prebiotic ingredient of its kind, but it’s sometimes difficult to visualise just what this looks like, and the amount of effort that goes into achieving this kind of efficacy. At Clasado, we’re proud to have one of the most accomplished research and development divisions, which help us to develop the ingredient technology to ensure it’s always delivering the results that consumers are looking for, as well as helping to build a stronger pool of shared knowledge when it comes to gut health.

“It’s no secret that today’s consumer is more proactive and engaged with their health and wellbeing, which naturally puts gut health at the forefront of discussion. Key areas such as immune support and mental health are surging up in the agenda. In developing a focused and targeted prebiotic that suits a wide range of product applications, we’re arming brands with the tools for commercial success.”

The product is a prebiotic GOS ingredient that nourishes bifidobacteria, a type of beneficial bacterium in the gut associated with important areas of health and wellbeing. It’s available in powder and syrup formats, with a low clinically effective dose according to the company.

Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, concluded: “We’ve surpassed the 100-study milestone in efficacy and safety, and we look forward to continuing our scientific work, impacting human health through the gut microbiome.”

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