AstaReal astaxanthin attains widely recognised Halal certification by JMA

Published: 12-Apr-2017

AstaReal produces natural astaxanthin from the Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae cultivated at facilities in Sweden and the USA

The AstaReal Group has announced that it is now offering Japan-made natural astaxanthin ingredients produced by Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd, which are certified by the Japan Muslim Association.

This Halal certification enables manufacturers to formulate products with the benefits of natural astaxanthin for the important and rapidly growing Halal markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, using the AstaReal range of astaxanthin bulk ingredients.

The JMA, founded in 1952, is the oldest Muslim organisation in Japan. Its rigorous certification assessment program ensures AstaReal’s cultivation and production of natural astaxanthin complies with stringent Halal requirements.

AstaReal astaxanthin is a naturally produced ingredient with many important health benefits.

With this certification, AstaReal is better able to pursue its goal of providing products that support health and well-being to people around the world.

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