American Almond celebrates move to new facility

Published: 19-Apr-2017

The acquisition from Barry Callebaut allows improvements to process, upgrade of facilities and potential fusions

After Barry Callebaut acquired American Almond, a number of staff moved from a the old facility in Brooklyn, New York, to a new state-of-the-art facility in Pennsauken, New Jersey (USA).

Engineers were involved from the early stages of discussions surrounding the move, from selecting and sizing out new equipment to managing the building layout and design, construction and building upgrades.

The new Pennsauken facility is a completely-refurbished building and includes equipment and processes that are new to Barry Callebaut.

Brooklyn equipment needed to be disconnected, moved, re-connected and started up again in the new facility within 2–3 weeks.

Various improvements on existing processes have begun; for example, technological advancements were added for the blanching of almonds and apricot kernels, a key process of American Almond.

American Almond

The primary products now produced in Pennsauken are almond, macaroon, and kernel paste. American Almond also makes nut butters as well as some caramelised products.

The company also produces piping gelee, a type of jelly product for pastry toppings; and nut flours are gaining popularity, which are gaining popularity with customers – especially blanched almond flour.

“American Almond is processing nuts only at this point but I believe that there is potential to mix those nuts with chocolate and make another category of great products,” said Magdalini Fliska, Process Engineer with American Almond.

To celebrate their accomplishment, the American Almond team will host a grand opening ceremony at the Pennsauken facility on Thursday, June 22, 2017.

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