Alland and Robert launches acacia tree planting initiative

Published: 2-Mar-2020

French acacia gum manufacturer has launched an initiative to help climate change, regulate water cycles, and restore degraded lands

Alland & Robert has launched “Let’s Plant Acacias Together!”, an initiative that helps plant acacia trees as a way to tackle climate change and protect Iivelihoods in the African Sahel.

For this endeavour, French manufacturer of acacia gum Alland & Robert has teamed with TREE AID, a UK-based charity specialised in reforesting the African drylands. This partnership will draw on the unique properties of acacia trees to help protect land and livelihoods in Africa.

"Let’s plant acacias together!” is a reforestation programme in partnership with TREE AID who plant 3 varieties of acacias trees in Mali, Niger and Ethiopia where gum is sourced.

The collaboration with TREE AID will tun throughout 2020 to support planting acacia trees in Mali, Niger and Ethiopia. With the aim of reaching at least 3,400 trees, Alland & Robert will help support the reforestation of degraded land in 6 different locations from the Meki River to Park W National Reserve.

The African Sahel region is one of the most vulnerable to climate change. With the campaign “Let’s plant acacia together”, the company hopes to highlight the positive impact of acacia gum and acacia trees on the environment:

“Our customers will know how many trees were planted thanks to their business. We want to be as transparent as possible and share our expertise in this field,” explained CEO Frédéric Alland, who has developed durable partnerships with local producers and cooperatives over more than 30 years.

Versatility of acacia gum

Acacia gum is a tremendous economic resource for the populations of the Sahel and the livelihood of more than 3 million people. Perfectly adapted to the dry, desert ecosystem, Acacia trees are also a great environmental asset for local communities.

Alland & Robert Marketing Manager Violaine Fauvarque explained: “It’s fascinating that such an efficient tool for climate resilience exists in nature. Acacias trees have been proven to help regulate water cycles and restore degraded lands. The benefits are far-reaching, from nourishing the soil by fixing nitrogen to restoring fertility, favouring intercropping, and providing shelter and shade. With a deep root system, the trees help prevent desertification without degrading the soil. The grass carpet they create also prevents water run-off and contributes to reconstructing the water table.”

“In periods of drought, acacias provide a much-needed water supply to wildlife and domestic species, thus protecting biodiversity,” emphasised Fauvarque.

“Alland & Robert has been involved in Africa for a long time with an ambitious policy of social, environmental and economic responsibility. In 2020, we’re excited that this new initiative will reflect our commitment to do concrete work in supporting acacia communities and protecting their environment through reforestation,” said Alland & Robert General Director Charles Alland.

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