Formulating biscuits with acacia gum brings many benefits

Published: 15-Jun-2022

Many consumers are interested in biscuits with added functional benefits and health oriented ingredients. Most manufacturers focus on improving the nutritional profile of their products, including adding more fibre and reducing the sugar content

The global biscuit market has been constantly growing over the last few years and is expected to reach USD 154.86 billion by 2028. Fiber enrichment and sugar reduction are concrete solutions to add nutritional value to baked products in general, and meet the consumers’ expectations.

Gum acacia expert Alland & Robert worked on the formulation of biscuits with acacia gum, a prebiotic fibre, and measured its impact of various criteria such as sugar content, texture, appearance or sensory experience.

Their research showed that biscuits with acacia gum are generally preferred and categorised as “high quality” in sensory analysis. Their characteristics and nutritional value are improved, compared to their control recipes without acacia gum. Alland & Robert affirmed the positive impact of acacia gum on the texture, crunchiness, and crumbliness of biscuits. The addition of acacia gum is particularly interesting when combined with sugar reduction, which is today an strong requirement from customers all over the world.

In addition, Alland & Robert found during their trials that the Nutri-Score* of a classic multigrain biscuit recipe was improved from C to A (the best rating), as sugar was reduced by 30% and acacia gum was introduced. In nutritional terms, acacia gum enhances biscuits with prebiotic fibre with high digestive tolerance, which is particularly useful for people with irritable bowel syndrome or who are sensitive to the presence of FODMAPs.

This will whet the appetite of manufacturers in the extremely promising biscuit market, who are always looking for innovations to improve their recipes. Request the full study HERE.

*The Nutri-Score is a European rating system displayed on food products in order to convey information on the nutritional quality of foods. Food products are assigned a letter from A (best ranking) to E.

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