Algatech licenses technology to optimise beta-glucans extraction

Published: 9-Aug-2019

The technology is licensed from US biotech F3 Platform biologics and the first product resulting from it is expected in the coming months

Algatech has licensed the rights and intellectual property related to the production of β-1,3-glucan from US biotech F3 Platform Biologics (“F3”). This new technology makes the extraction from the microalgae more efficient and produces a higher-quality ingredient than previously possible.

 As part of the agreement, fermentation expert Dr Brad Cox, who has been instrumental in developing F3’s cutting-edge capabilities, will lead the Euglena project at Algatech and support its fermentation activity. 

The technology licensed by Algatech derives β-1,3-glucans from fermented microalgae Euglena gracilis. The β-1,3-glucans can constitute up to 60% of the ingredient. β-1,3-glucans are currently widely available in the market from several sources including yeast, oats and mushrooms, however when derived from Euglena gracilis they are more concentrated and purer in their make-up due to their chemical structure and processing techniques. This makes them significantly more potent and effective in terms of their potential health benefits for both humans and animals. 

The technology has been licensed from F3 Platform Biologics who developed it under the product name BioGlenay. Through this new technology, Algatech’s vision is to bring these more efficient and better quality β-1,3-glucans-based products to market.

Commenting on the deal, Hagai Stadler, CEO of Algatech, said: “Currently only a tiny fraction of the world’s microalgae has been developed for commercial use, despite the vast potential these organisms can have in tackling societal health issues.”

“β-1,3-glucans act as immunomodulators and prime immune cells,” Stadler explained.

 In order to capitalise on the wide-reaching benefits of microalgae-derived β-1,3-glucans and a largely untapped market, Algatech is planning to launch several products using the nutrient for both the human and animal health markets in the coming months. These products will expand Algatech’s existing product offering and support its mission to develop commercial, microalgae-based products with the potential to tackle some of society’s most pressing wellbeing and health challenges.

 Stadler said: “We expect to launch the first Euglena-based product in the coming months and, following the launch of FucoVital last year, it will be Algatech’s third commercial product. Additionally, our experienced R&D team continue to explore and develop other promising health ingredients derived from microalgae, with wide-ranging benefits, which will be launched over the following years.”

 β-1,3-glucans are produced and processed at varied levels to make powdered products in market leading concentrated forms to minimally processed offerings additionally rich in protein, healthy fats and 23 other vitamins. Studies show that these properties make it an invaluable tool for boosting human immunity, increasing the body’s antibodies by 84% and supporting its ability to fight infection. Many of these benefits to human health also apply to animals – enhanced β-1,3-glucan intake has been proven to prime immune systems and support growth at optimal rates. In practice, the powder product can be added to shakes, protein drinks, nutritional bars, cookies, yogurt, puddings and chocolate for added health benefits, making it accessible and affordable for mass market consumption.

 Algatech is based in Kibbutz Ketura in southern Israel and was purchased by the Solabia Group in May this year.

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