Solabia-Algatech to show microalgae portfolio at Vitafoods

Published: 26-Apr-2022

The company will be exhibiting on booth # l168 at the event from 10-12 May

At Vitafoods, Solabia-Algatech Nutrition will showcase its natural and innovative product portfolio of microalgae-based active ingredients. Among the recent additions to the portfolio are AstaPure Max, a formula containing astaxanthin, magnesium, glycerophosphate, and vitamin B6 to support muscle function as well as BioGlena, β-glucan derived from microalgae for immune support.

AstaPure is a natural astaxanthin, derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. The AstaPure line includes astaxanthin in the forms of oleoresins and whole alga powder. Both forms are available as USDA organic-certified, beadlets, cold water-dispersible format (CWD), and softgels.

AstaPure MAX is designed to reduce post-exercise muscle pain and fatigue. It is based on whole-algae complex of natural astaxanthin combined with magnesium glycerophosphate and vitamin B6.

BioGlena is a natural whole algae rich in β-glucan for immune support.

The next-generation source of beta-glucan is 100% natural and completely unprocessed, not containing any solvents or additives. It’s suitable for use by the entire family for daily consumption.

Bioecolians is a patented alpha-gluco oligosaccharide. The unique and effective prebiotic, which is active at relatively low doses, provides proven health benefits and is well tolerated.

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