Visit Solabia- Algatech Nutrition at SupplySide West, booth #3533

Published: 11-Oct-2021

At SupplySide West, Solabia -Algatech Nutrition will showcase its natural and innovative products that include microalgae based and active ingredients

Among the newest additions to the portfolio are AstaPure Max, an advanced formula containing astaxanthin, magnesium, glycerophosphate, and vitamin B6 to support muscle function as well as BioGlena, β-glucan derived from microalgae for immune support.

Microalgae ingredients:

AstaPure - Natural astaxanthin, derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. The AstaPure line includes: astaxanthin in the forms of oleoresins, beadlets, cold water dispersible powder and softgels in bulk.

AstaPure Max - A new proprietary formula designed to support optimal muscle function and physical resilience by combining natural astaxanthin, magnesium glycerophosphate and vitamin B6.

AstaPure Arava - Whole algae complex delivering natural astaxanthin along with essential nutrients naturally found in the microalgae. It was shown in studies that AstaPure Arava contains additional valuable ingredients with strong antioxidant activity.

BioGlena - Natural whole algae rich in β-glucan for immune support. A next-generation source of beta-glucan that is 100% natural and completely unprocessed, not containing any solvents or additives and suitable for use by the entire family for daily consumption.

FucoVital - innovative composition comprising 3% fucoxanthin derived from microalgae for metabolic function and liver health.

Active ingredients:

Bioecolians - A patented alpha-gluco oligosaccharide, effective and unique prebiotic, which is active at relatively low doses. It provides proven health benefits and is well tolerated.

Pidolates - Mineral salts with an active physiological carrier, providing better efficacy.

Nutralga - Phlorotannins and Fucoidans from seaweed for fat and glycemic control.

About Solabia- Algatech Nutrition

Solabia-Algatech Nutrition is a renowned powerhouse for microalgae cultivation and a leading manufacturer of unique active ingredients shown to support wellbeing. Solabia-Algatech Nutrition is one of the few companies worldwide that produces high-grade, consistent quality microalgae- sourced products on a commercial scale.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable components are not just a trend, but a way of life and a vision of the company.

The microalgae-based production incorporates a closed system that recycles 80 percent of process water and harnesses solar energy through photosynthesis. The only water that used for microalgae cultivation is brackish water, locally sourced, which is then desalinated and purified.

Visit us at SupplySide west at booth #3533.

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