Algalife introduces the first Icelandic astaxanthin


Algalife Icelandic astaxanthin is free from soy, gluten, bovine and porcine gelatin, pesticides, herbicides and is non-GMO

ArcticFarma introduces its first line of microalgae supplements with the launch of Icelandic Astaxanthin. Marketed under the Algalife brand, Icelandic Astaxanthin is 100% pure and natural, cultivated directly from Haematococcus pluvialis, the richest source of natural Astaxanthin.

Developed in a state-of-the-art facility exclusively built for the research and development of microalgae solutions to the world’s global nutrition needs, Icelandic Astaxanthin offers unparalleled purity.

'After searching the globe, we chose Iceland to build our facility because of its pristine environmental conditions, free from the contaminants and pollutants commonly found in other areas deemed suitable for the cultivation of algae,' said Andrew Jacobson, CEO, ArcticFarma. The facility is 100% powered by renewable geothermal energy and uses pure glacial water filtered through layers of volcanic lava rock.

'We are pleased to welcome ArcticFarma to Keflavik and delighted to know they will be sharing Iceland’s natural health products with the rest of world,' said Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir, Iceland’s Minister of Industry and Commerce.

In addition to protecting the algae from contamination through its proprietary closed system, Algalife packages each pill individually to further enhance the safety and quality of the product. Algalife’s assortment includes a 4mg and 12mg gelcap.

Astaxanthin is known as nature’s most powerful antioxidant, with clinical studies revealing wide ranging health benefits including cardiovascular, brain, eye, skin and joint. 'Working through multiple pathways in the body, Astaxanthin has a uniquely broad impact,' said Andrew Jacobson, CEO of Algalife. 'Everyone should experience the health benefits of Astaxanthin and we are on a mission to make it part of everyone’s daily health regimen. Our tagline, Algae For Life, reflects our belief in the value of algae to address the world’s future nutritional needs and create healthier, happier lives.'

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Algalife Icelandic Astaxanthin is free from soy, gluten, bovine and porcine gelatin, pesticides, herbicides and is non-GMO.