Divi’s Nutraceuticals will present innovative beta-carotene solutions for clean labels at FiE 2023

Published: 14-Nov-2023

Divi's is breaking new ground with beta-carotene that gives applications a beautiful red colour.

Divi's is thus adding yet another product to an inventory of high-quality beta-carotene forms that is among the most extensive on the market.

As experts in chemical synthesis and microencapsulation, Divi's offers specialty forms of beta-carotene to suit the requirements of every application, from supplements to beverages, gummies, cereal products and ice cream, among others.

To help marketers answer the demand for additive-free foods and beverages, silicon dioxide-free beta-carotene forms are available.

Divi’s beta-carotene of synthetic or natural origin can be used both for fortification and coloration. CaroNat is a naturally sourced food ingredient intended for the dark yellow to orange colouration of a variety of foods and beverages.

CaroNat is made from concentrated carrot juice and inherently contains beta-carotene. Consisting only of ingredients of natural origin and manufactured without the addition of silicon dioxide, CaroNat supports brands in their transition to clean labels.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the health effects of artificial colourants. They are seeking more natural options, boosting the demand for additive-free foods and beverages.

At the same time, aspect and color still play a key role in food selection and purchasing decision.

Made only from natural ingredients and delivering the desirable appearance of the final product, CaroNat allows claims such as: No artificial colour/ingredient, Vegetarian or Vegan, helping food marketers to respond to this growing trend.

At Food ingredients Europe 2023, Divi's Nutraceuticals will present another innovation, AstaBead.

Divi’s and Algalif have joined their expertise to develop highly concentrated beadlets of sustainable natural astaxanthin.

Algalif's production process, located in Iceland, uses renewable energy and provides premium astaxanthin oleoresin naturally sourced from microalgae.

Divi's transforms this oleoresin into exclusive, easy-to-handle AstaBead beadlets that contain 5% astaxanthin – the highest concentration on the market – allowing smaller tablets and hard-shell capsules.

AstaBead beadlets also show excellent performance in applications such as nutritional bars and fortified powder drinks. For more information, please visit Divi’s Nutraceuticals (stand 3.1G100) at Food Ingredients Europe 2023.

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