Ahiflower oil used in multiple nutraceutical product launches


Natures Crops says Ahiflower bridges the gap between other plant-based sources delivering primarily ALA and marine-based sources that deliver only EPA+DHA

Ahiflower oil used in multiple nutraceutical product launches

Natures Crops International’s plant-based Ahiflower oil has been selected as a carrier oil in various nutraceuticals, food & beverage, and personal care.

Ahiflower is a ‘multi-omega’ oil grown regeneratively in the UK. Ahiflower oil’s rich omega fatty acid profile is ideal for driving health benefits in a variety of liquid and powder delivery formats.

It has been included as a functional companion ingredient and carrier oil in recent product launches in North America and Europe, including Asyva Serum, Auxly Dosecann CBD capsules, Braini memory and cognitive performance platform, Nouri Probiotic & Omega-3,6,9 digestive health Duocaps, among others.

Ahiflower oil was chosen for its plant-based omega-3-6-9 functional benefits including anti-inflammatory support, gut microbiome wellness, immune and cognitive support, and topical healthy aging support.

“We immediately recognized the value in Ahiflower over other carrier oils due to its balanced blend of complete omegas and excellent nutritional benefits,” said Bob Chapman, Chief Science Officer with Dosecann. “It is a cost-effective vegan option for our Dosecann CBD Capsules, and aligns perfectly with our commitment to consistency, purity, and sustainable production throughout our product portfolio.”

“We are inspired by the advanced innovation from brands across the board as they bring Ahiflower into their formulations,” said Andrew Hebard, CEO of Natures Crops. “This is clearly demonstrated by all our brand partners, including the recent agreement with Auxly and its subsidiary Dosecann to secure exclusive global rights to Ahiflower® oil for use in its diverse portfolio of cannabis products, and Nouri – the first US company to combine a plant-based omega-3-6-9 oil with customized probiotic strains for optimal gut/brain axis health. Ahiflower is quickly gaining increased attention as a complete and balanced, all-in-one omega powerhouse.”

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When combined with fat-soluble ingredients, including CBD and other botanical ingredients, the lipids contained in Ahiflower reportedly work to increase the bioavailability of the active constituents.