New agglomeration technology functions like lecithin without the lecithin

Published: 27-Apr-2017

Glanbia Nutritionals announces a breakthrough patent-pending agglomeration technology called BevEdge for powdered drink mixes and liquid beverages

This game-changing method of agglomeration is entirely lecithin free, and is instead based on an all-protein solution.


BevEdge can be applied to whey-based, milk-based, casein-based and plant-based ingredients, including hydrolysates.


This flexibility provides both sports and lifestyle brands with significantly more opportunities to create highly marketable beverages. And with no lecithin, it is a perfect clean label solution.


For powdered drink mixes, BevEdge plant-based proteins are all about functionality, with remarkably better dispersibility, ease of flavouring, and better flavour expression than conventional plant-based proteins. 


BevEdge dairy based proteins provide powdered drink mix brands the opportunity to eliminate lecithin from the label, while offering high protein, lower fat, and better clarity thanks to its lack of lecithin.  It also offers formulators flexibility to remove a soy allergen. 

A solution that is compatible with a variety of protein types and sources, BevEdge technology maintains the integrity of the source ingredient and can be used to agglomerate just the protein component or the entire blend for powdered drink mixes.


Bottled beverages benefit as well. BevEdge provides bottled brands with quicker dispersibility and better hydration for batch preparation in processing.

It also cuts down on dust particles in the air during product handling.

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