Nammex to introduce two new functional mushroom ingredients at SupplySide West

Published: 13-Oct-2023

North American Reishi (Nammex), the premier North American supplier of certified organic functional mushroom extracts, will introduce two new mushroom ingredients at SupplySide West

Ergothioneine (Ergo) is a food-derived antioxidant that is found in high amounts in certain fungi.

Until now, ergo has only been offered as nutraceuticals sourced from either synthetic or purified yeast derived isolates.

Nammex announces ErgoGold, an extract powder from Golden Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) that delivers a therapeutic amount of ergo plus a full complement of other therapeutic compounds (including but not limited to beta-glucans, ergosterol, insoluble and soluble fibre and secondary metabolites).

With some individuals being sensitive to yeast and for others wanting a non-synthetic and natural full-spectrum ingredient, ErgoGold is a perfect match.

Ergo’s role as a redox regulator and antioxidant buffer make it a valuable active compound. Nammex’s ErgoGold contains consistent and verified levels of ergothioneine in a whole food mushroom matrix.

Mushroom-derived vitamin D
Nammex will also introduce a whole food source of vitamin D derived solely from mushrooms. By utilising pulsed UV light technology, Nammex is able to convert the fungal sterol, ergosterol, into high amounts of vitamin D2.

Vitamin D plays a vital role in many important health functions and, when supplemented consistently, vitamin D2 has been clinically shown to increase vitamin D serum levels similar to that of vitamin D3.

This ingredient is ideal for consumers seeking a whole food and vegan source that delivers the daily RDA of vitamin D with as little as 60 mg.

Also featured in the booth will be the Nammex self-affirmed GRAS concentrated mushroom extracts.

The company is seeing significant growth in these ingredients being incorporated in functional foods and beverages, as demand for products delivering the benefits of mushrooms continues to expand far beyond conventional delivery forms. 

Steven Dentali PhD, Consulting Science Advisor, will represent Nammex as a panelist for the session "Not just a buzzword: the keys to making sustainability an actualised business practice" on Friday October 27 from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM PDT in Islander Ballroom C.

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