Monteloeder botanical extract demonstrates sleep benefits

Published: 17-Mar-2022

In the study, sleep quality was assessed using The Perceived Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) as well as data from Fitbit trackers

Botanical ingredient provider Monteloeder has revealed the results of a recent study on its relaxplx ingredient, which reportedly demonstrate the extract’s ability to help reduce anxiety and improve quality of sleep.

In the study, sleep quality was assessed using The Perceived Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) as well as data from Fitbit trackers provided to the subjects to track their sleep. Data from the assessments were collected at baseline, 1 month, 2 months and after a 1-month washout period.

High PSQI values indicate poor sleep quality, and results showed a 26% reduction in PSQI after washout in the group taking relaxplx, a lemon extract purified in verbascoside, while no significant differences were detected in the placebo group. Female subjects reported a more rapid decrease in PSQI scores than male subjects with significant decreases observed by one month.

The Fitbit trackers assessed a number of parameters including: minutes asleep; minutes awake; number of times awakened; REM; deep sleep; and light sleep. Significant improvements were observed in the relaxplx group after 2 months of supplementation. Specifically, a significant reduction was seen in the number of times awakened during the night, while the time spent in deep sleep and REM were significantly increased compared to the placebo group.

The researchers suggest these results are caused by the mechanism of action demonstrated in prior studies which revealed the polyphenol verbascoside in the ingredient can bind to the GABA-A receptor in a similar fashion as benzodiazepines, which are regularly used to treat anxiety. A further study showed it also increases serotonin, noradrenaline/norepinephrine and dopamine.

In the most recent study, a 15.6% decrease in cortisol levels was also detected in the supplement group after two months of intake compared to baseline, indicating a decreased level of stress in this group. This was corroborated through the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), which revealed a nearly 11% decrease after 2 months.

“It is common knowledge that lack of quality sleep can have negative impacts on many areas of both mental and physical wellbeing, and we are very pleased with the results of this study that may offer some hope and support,” said Marcos Lopez, Regional Director of Business Development, Monteloeder. “In 2021 US Census data reported that people aged 18-44 reported higher rates of anxiety and depression. Natural, effective solutions like relaxplx are urgently needed as concerns about sleep and mental wellbeing have risen exponentially and today are some of the leading health challenges faced by consumers.”

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