Microbiome specialist Optibiotix to launch new formulations to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure

Published: 16-Mar-2017

UK-based Optibiotix, one of the world leader’s in the development of human microbiome modulators, is launching two new formulations for inclusion in supplements and foods that will help to reduce cardiovascular risk and manage heart disease

The first formulation, CholBiome, will help reduce both cholesterol and blood pressure.

The second, CardioBiome, in addition to reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and reduces vascular inflammation.

These products will be unveiled in May at the Vitafoods Europe Trade Show, one of the leading forums for the supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods and beverage industries.

The scientific research behind these formulations was presented earlier this year at ProBiota by microbiologist and CEO of Optibiotix Stephen O’Hara, and showed that OptiBiotix’s microbiome modulators have successfully increased the growth and biological effect of multiple species of microbe in human gut models, including their own cholesterol-reducing probiotic, LP-LDL.

The research involved two separate studies. The first was done in collaboration with Professor Glenn Gibson, Professor of Food Microbiology, Head of Food Microbial Sciences at Reading University in a parallel, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised study in healthy adults with normal to mildly elevated cholesterol.

The results demonstrated that the bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum (LP-LDL) significantly reduces both LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.

This is a significant advantage compared with existing products as the ability to reduce both LDL and blood pressure has a multiplicative effect in reducing cardiovascular risk. The study also confirmed the safety profile of LP-LDL.

The second study conducted in collaboration with Professor Bob Rastall, Professor of Food Biotechnology and Head of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Reading University shows that OptiBiotix’s synbiotic was able to selectively enhance the growth and activity of LP-LDL in the human faecal microbiome, and so increase cholesterol reduction threefold.

This is the first time that anyone has developed a synbiotic that increases the production and function of a specific bacterium in the microbiome.

The development of these new formulations is being taken up by both food and supplement manufacturers who are increasingly interested in incorporating proven formulations that help people control conditions such as heart disease and obesity through the modification of the human biome.

Stephen O’Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix, commented: “The ability to create designer ingredients that can modify an individual’s microbiome to improve health places OptiBiotix at the forefront of global microbiome research and product development. We are being approached by a number of major food manufacturers to licence our new formulations.”

Stephen continued: “I believe we are fast approaching the next stage in the development of the microbiome in healthcare, wherein we will have the ability to precision engineer components of the microbiome to prevent, manage, and treat many more of today’s chronic lifestyle diseases.”

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