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Published: 9-Jun-2021

Lallemand Health Solutions has developed specific probiotic solutions to support a good and timely evolution of baby-specific microflora, during the first months of life

The gut microflora is a major player for the digestive and immune development of infants, and will have a lifelong influence.

Recent scientific evidence, based on two studies performed on healthy infants, show how certain of Lallemand Health Solutions probiotics help support a baby-specific microflora and good immune maturation during early life.

Furthermore, China health authorities confirmed the safety and tolerance of these probiotic strains for safe use in infant food.

The same strains have been granted a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for the specific use in infant formula and have demonstrated, in in vitro experiment, good synergy with human milk oligosaccharides (HMO).

Lallemand Health Solutions strains, and formulas dedicated to babies are manufactured according to the highest quality standards for infant formula applications, opening new market opportunities in China, US and beyond.

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