BASF to divest its baking enzymes business to Lallemand

Published: 31-Aug-2022

Lallemand will continue and strengthen the baking enzyme business

German chemical brand BASF has entered into an agreement to sell its Nutrilife baking enzymes business to Lallemand's subsidiary, Danstar Ferment AG.

The transaction is expected to close on 30 September, 2022.

Nutrilife enables food manufacturers to produce affordable, healthy and appealing food while helping to use resources more efficiently.

"Baking enzymes are not a strategic business for BASF," said Michael de Marco, VP at BASF. "In Lallemand, we have found an excellent partner who will strategically continue and strengthen our baking enzyme business and be a reliable supplier. We will accompany the transaction to ensure a smooth handover for our customers."

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Lallemand recently got into the development and production of enzymes. With the acquisition of Nutrilife baking enzymes, the company will continue to expand its product portfolio and geographic footprint footprint.

"We look forward to continuing to provide Nutrilife customers with enzyme expertise and access to innovative ingredients based on Lallemand's yeast and bacterial technology platforms," said Lars Asferg, President of Lallemand Bio-Ingredients.

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