Lafti L10 gains Canadian health claims

Published: 16-Jun-2021

Lallemand Health Solutions has gained new indications for its documented EXPERT’Biotic L. helveticus Lafti L10 from Health Canada recognising its antioxidant properties, with a specific focus for athletes’ health

Lafti L10 new Canadian health claims confirms its antioxidant potential: “Source ofantioxidant probiotic and “Source of antioxidant probiotic in elite athletes”. These claims are an addition to the previously approved indication for Lafti L10, which has shown the ability to promote gastrointestinal comfort in athletes and to boost natural defences in physically active adults (NPN 80064384 and 80064386).

“L. helveticus Lafti L10 is already our most recommended strain for sport nutrition due to its previous results on athletes immune and gut health. We had reason to believe its antioxidant potential was strong enough to gain further health claims,” explain Solange Henoud, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Lallemand Health Solutions. ‘’Moreover, we think this is the first probiotic to be approved as a source of antioxidant’ she added.

These claims are supported by a recent post-hoc paper of Marikovic et al. [Michalickova 2018], this new statistical analysis focused on male participants and looked at both pro-oxidative parameters and anti-oxidative parameters to assess the general oxidative stress. At the end of the study, significant attenuation of the markers of oxidative stress (MDA) and levels of advanced oxidation protein products (AOPP) and an increase in the marker of defence against oxidative stress (SOD) were observed in the LAFTI L10 group and not in the placebo group (p<0.05).

Lallemand Health Solutions proposes Lafti L10 in various convenient dosage formats for active people and attractive natural flavours, specially formulated to this specific targeted population. With its formulation know-how Lallemand Health Solutions can also combine this EXPERT’Biotic with additional probiotic strains and vitamins for complementary effects. It is important to remember that the International Society for Sport Nutrition (ISSN) recommends probiotics for their demonstrated modes of action on athletes to optimise their wellbeing [Jäger 2019] and that probiotics supplements are not part of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list, which makes them an interesting choice for sportspeople to add to their diet.


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