Maritech organic fucoidans named “most innovative ingredient 2022”

Published: 1-Sep-2022

Manufactured by Marinova, fucoidans are bioactive compounds that occur naturally in brown seaweeds

Maritech organic fucoidans have been crowned the "most innovative ingredient" at the annual Global Health & Pharma International Life Sciences Awards.

Fucoidans are highly bioactive compounds that occur naturally in brown seaweeds. They have been extensively researched and are particularly well known for their bioactivity across a range of health settings including immune support, gut and digestive health and healthy ageing.

Manufactured by Australian biotechnology company Marinova, Maritech organic fucoidans are the world's only high purity, certified organic fucoidans with global regulatory acceptance.

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Speaking about the award, company CEO Paul Garrott said, "The unrivalled quality and efficacy of Maritech fucoidans is based on two decades of rigorous scientific investigation and the development of an advanced proprietary extraction process. Maritech organic fucoidans are ideal for product innovators seeking novel ingredients with a clear point of differentiation.

Sustainably sourced and clinically validated, Maritech organic fucoidans are high purity seaweed extracts sought after by some of the world's most trusted healthcare brands. They are utilised in pharmaceutical research and medical devices and are also included as premium ingredients in market-leading nutritional supplements, functional foods and beverages, skincare and dermatological formulations, and animal health products.

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