HydroCurc receives 2020 ESSN Award

Published: 17-Dec-2020

The European Specialist Sports Nutrtition awards honour the “most successful products and campaigns within the sports nutrition world"

Gencor partner, Pharmako Biotechnologies, has been awarded the 2020 European Specialist Sports Nutrition (ESSN) award in the category of Best Sports Nutrition Product for its HydroCurc technology. HydroCurc is a cold-water dispersible Curcuma longa extract which includes proprietary LipiSperse technology, designed to help increase the bioavailability of its curcuminoids.”.

“On behalf of the Gencor team, I would like to congratulate Pharmako Biotechnologies on their receipt of the ESSN award for HydroCurc,” said Chase Shyroc, VP of Sales and Marketing for Gencor. “There has been a significant amount of growth and innovation in the sports nutrition sector over the past few years. HydroCurc truly stands out as a solution that has helped to overcome major challenges, such as efficacy and functionality of curcumin in sports targeted solutions. We’re proud to represent and distribute such a unique technology to the market. Thanks to the European Specialist Sports Alliance for their recognition of HydroCurc.”

Eric Meppem, Co-founder of Pharmako Biotechnologies, stated, “The Sports Nutrition industry is evolving. Its change began with the growth of ‘emergent users’ and new companies entering the market. Now brand companies and consumers are looking for innovation to fulfil newly recognized need states. HydroCurc allows brands to incorporate this potent anti-inflammatory into easy to use formats, due to the unique dispersion technology. Pharmako is honoured to have HydroCurc recognized by the ESSNA. As an Australian company, recognition like this not only validates our science and research but helps us reach new customers through our partners Gencor Pacific, around the globe.”

The LipiSperse technology allows the particles to disperse freely in aqueous environments, providing for a greater scope for inclusion in formats such as sports drinks, ready to mix powders, gels, and effervescents. In 2019, LipiSperse received an ESSN award in the category of Most Innovative Idea.

Selection is based on several criteria, including industry impact/innovation, operation efficiency, consumer engagement, commercial relevance and process improvement.

Gencor was a runner-up in the category of Most Exciting Partnership for its collaboration with James Hudson, Gloucester Rugby

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