Gnosis by Lesaffre introduces Noochy Crisp nutritional yeast

Published: 12-Jul-2021

Noochy Crisp is the first crispy nutritional yeast, the newest form of Nooch

Nutritional yeast is back in the spotlight. The market is growing year after year, with 2020 seeing an amazing growth of 36%, and is full of innovation opportunities. Due to this passion for nutritional yeast, a new name was created by vegetarians and vegans in the US: Nooch. This name allowed the democratisation of nutritional yeast to everyone. 

Gnosis by Lesaffre, as a global yeast producer and innovative player, offers the future of nutritional yeast: Noochy Crisp! Thanks to this disruptive innovation, Gnosis by Lesaffre has revolutionised the nutritional yeast market.

Noochy Crisp is the first crispy nutritional yeast, the newest form of Nooch. With Noochy Crisp, consumers will discover a new way to consume nutritional yeast. The new and enjoyable texture of Noochy Crisp will offer consumers a new sensory experience.

Noochy Crisp has all the many benefits of nutritional yeast. Its excellent nutritional profile is full of nutrients such as minerals, fibers including yeast ß-glucans, and proteins. Noochy Crisp is also low in saturated fat and salt. Thanks to all these benefits, Noochy Crisp holds the best possible Nutri-Score of A (green).

Noochy Crisp is the solution for healthy meals and snacks. It is the new healthy crouton for salads and soups. Noochy Crisp can be incorporated in muesli or granola. Noochy Crisp can also be used as an ingredient to enhance the nutritional profile of health bars.

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