Extended use of Glavonoid

Published: 8-Sep-2015

Further approved fields of application enable new products to be launched

Kaneka Pharma Europe, the developer and patent holder of the liquorice root extract, Glavonoid, has successfully secured extended use approval for the novel food ingredient from the European Commission.

Glavonoid offers unique support in reducing visceral fat. Besides being used in food supplements and beverages based on milk, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables, as accredited by its Novel Food status since 2011, Glavonoid can now also be used in foods intended for medical purposes and energy restricted diets for weight reduction.

In DNA microarray analysis, Glavonoid has been shown to exhibit a two-way efficiency mechanism: on the one hand, it increases the body’s own fat burning ability by up-regulating genes involved in fatty acid oxidation; and, on the other, it decreases fat development by down-regulating genes that are involved in fatty acid synthesis.

Besides lowering body weight and BMI (body mass index), Glavonoid may also optimise cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Derived from liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) via an advanced patented process, Glavonoid is 100% free from glycyrrhizinic acid and contains 30% liquorice glabra polyphenols. The allowed daily dose is 120mg for adults.

Peter Lambrechts, Business Development Manager at Kaneka’s Quality of Life Division, who successfully guided the approval process, states: 'With visceral fat being the main risk factor for the development of metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular illnesses, we see extremely promising market potential here. The new regulatory status for Glavonoid paves the way for manufacturers to create new products targeting markets such as weight management and body shaping.'

Glavonoid can be used in supplements as a single ingredient or as part of a multi-component system. It can also be included in products aimed at the sports and fitness market, as well as healthy ageing.

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