Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are top health fears for older men

Published: 13-Nov-2018

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the most common health concerns for older men in the west, a new survey by Lycored suggests

The research indicates that heart disease is now more feared by American men than cancer.

International wellness company Lycored surveyed 313 men older than 50 (163 in the UK and 150 in the US). They were presented with a list of illnesses and asked which they worried about at night. Overall, the most common cause of worry was diabetes (13.74%) followed by heart disease (11.5%).

Interestingly, the Americans surveyed were significantly more likely to worry about diabetes (18.67%) and heart disease (14.67%) than the Brits (9.2% and 8.59% respectively).

The UK respondents were slightly more likely to worry about cancer (9.82%) than heart disease (8.59%), whereas Americans were more likely to worry about heart disease than cancer (14.67% compared with 9.33%).

This may reflect the fact that cardiovascular disease was recently overtaken by cancer as a cause of mortality in the UK but remains the biggest killer of Americans.

Golan Raz, Head of Global Health Division, Lycored, said: “Cardiometabolic wellness has long been one of the most serious concerns for health-focused consumers."

"What this research reveals is the extent to which heart disease and diabetes are causing anxiety for older men, the group most at risk. The goal now for the wellness industry is to strengthen understanding of the direct link between healthy, diverse nutrition and specific benefits for well-being."

"Natural ingredients for cardiometabolic wellness can be delivered via supplementation as well as healthy choices in the kitchen.”

Cardiomato is Lycored’s award-winning blend of phytosterols and patented standardised tomato extract. With time, it can help to foster improved cardiovascular wellness and maintain a healthy circulatory system.

The survey findings are part of a new Lycored White Paper on men’s health concerns and quality of sleep.

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