Discovering the beauty within at SupplySide West

Published: 20-Oct-2023

Lycored will be exhibiting at the SupplySide West expo in Las Vegas from 25-26 October on stand 2257

More than 18,000 health and nutrition professionals, together with suppliers and buyers, will explore the latest around food, beverage and supplement innovations and their role in the global business economy.

Lycored welcomes attendees to connect with their in-house experts as well as explore an assortment of solutions that help food, beverage and nutraceutical brands empower beautiful experiences from the inside out.  

Lycored will be sharing a few demos and a digital experience for visitors to see and try for themselves.

Tasting demonstrations include immune support-focused gummies using Lycored’s Capsudar vitamin D2 product in a range of Lycored’s superstable colours: from the tomato-derived ResilientRed to the Blakeslea trispora-derived OrangeOvation and GoldHold hues.

Also available to sample will be an ingestible beauty gummy. It will feature Lumenato, a wellness extract that supports beauty from within, paired with one of Lycored’s taste enhancers, SANTE.

At the booth, visitors can also participate in a "choose your own adventure" digital experience, which presents Lycored’s diverse range of offerings and portfolio benefits.

Across seeing, tasting, feeling and believing, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Lycored’s holistic solutions for customers and partners.     

Caroline Schroeder, Marketing Communications Manager at Lycored, noted: “SupplySide West is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our full portfolio of solutions to leading industry professionals."

"From wellness actives to superstable colours, we’re excited to share how we discover beauty from within for the health and wellness industries. We invite you to stop by our booth to learn more.”

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