Clinical study confirms Bioiberica’s Collavant n2 collagen combined with Boswellia serrata reduces joint discomfort in just 5 days

Published: 21-Jun-2022

Bioiberica has announced this exciting development that opens up new opportunities for nutraceutical manufacturers seeking to bring science-backed, holistic solutions that combine on-trend ingredients to the growing mobility market

Recently published data in the International Journal of Research in Orthopedics demonstrates the efficacy of a nutritional solution, formulated with Bioiberica’s native type II collagen – Collavant n2 – and the herbal extract Boswellia serrata, to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms in just five days.

The multicentric clinical trial – which recruited 40 patients in total – was developed to explore the efficacy and safety of a proprietary formulation of a Boswellia serrata extract in combination with Collavant n2 native type II collagen for individuals with knee osteoarthritis.

The solution (containing 40 mg of Collavant n2 and 100 mg of Boswellia serrata) was taken orally once a day for 3 months. A significant reduction in VAS (visual analogue scale) was observed from day five of the study, indicating the collagen and Boswellia serrata combination was fast and effective at relieving pain related to knee osteoarthritis.

Pain scores continued to decrease with time, as assessed on days 15, 30, 60 and 90, confirming the sustained effect of Collavant n2 in supporting joint health. Patients also experienced reduced stiffness with improvements in physical function, compared to the baseline. No significant side effects were reported, confirming the solution is well-tolerated and safe.

Boswellia serrata is considered a potent anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic herbal extract, that may help to improve pain and physical function in patients with osteoarthritis."

"Likewise, Collavant n2 has demonstrated benefits in joint health at only 40 mg per day. This makes both ingredients attractive options for innovation in the mobility space."

"In fact, the number of product launches featuring collagen and herbal combinations has grown at a CAGR of 25% since 2017, and those containing native type II collagen and Boswellia serrata specifically have risen at a CAGR of 71% since 2018,” comments Daniel Martínez Puig, Head of R&D Human Health, Bioiberica.

“Usually, when used alone, the benefits of Collavant n2 are experienced within 1-2 months, so we were very interested when our strategic partner in India shared the results of this study with us, showing that when used in combination with this herbal extract, the benefits were felt in just 5 days."

"This signifies that specific ingredients can bring unique and important advantages, like enhanced efficacy, when brought together in one solution. These findings therefore present an exciting opportunity for formulators looking to explore new combinations with trending ingredients, like native type II collagen and herbal extracts, and show the potential to unlock solutions that deliver novel benefits.”

Collavant n2 is a safe, naturally sourced next generation collagen for innovation in the mobility space. Extracted from chicken sternum and manufactured by Bioiberica through a strictly controlled process, a low dose of just 40 mg per day of Collavant n2 helps to maintain healthy joints and as a result, overall quality of life.

The native type II collagen also provides increased flexibility and compatibility with other joint health ingredients; making it easier for formulators to innovate in the space, as demonstrated in this recent observational trial.

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