Clasado participates in Global Prebiotics Week 2021

Published: 1-Nov-2021

Global Prebiotics Week is taking place 1-5 November 2021

Clasado Biosciences, developer of prebiotic ingredient and product solutions for the human gut microbiome, has shared its support for the second annual Global Prebiotics Week, taking place 1-5 November 2021.

The event, hosted by awareness body Global Prebiotic Association (GPA), is designed to share knowledge of the prebiotics category, a market projected to see a 11.1% compound annual growth rate, according to intelligence firm BCC Publishing. The upcoming event, with the overarching theme of ‘Powering the Microbiome’, marks the second year of the awareness week after its inaugural event in 2020.

Throughout the week, GPA and its members will be sharing resources for consumers and product developers that outline the scientific evidence behind prebiotics’ role in modulating physical and mental health.

Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado, said: “The prebiotic category is seeing a strong upward trajectory – which we’ve seen first-hand with the rapid global expansion of our prebiotic GOS ingredient, Bimuno. The challenge is that the prebiotic category is still relatively new in public consciousness, which naturally creates knowledge gaps.

“Events such as the Global Prebiotics Week are absolutely essential for closing these gaps and maintaining this strong momentum. It’s a great opportunity for more people around the world to get to grips with prebiotics and the importance of our beneficial gut bacteria, and it’s also a prime opportunity to showcase the real commercial potential of prebiotic ingredients for product developers.”

As part of the event, GPA will be sharing clips from its members that delve deeper into the science behind the category. Clasado will discuss its own prebiotic ingredient, Bimuno, which is supported by more than 20 clinical trials. Research into its efficacy and safety includes areas such as digestive health symptoms, immune function and athletic and sports health.

Traci Kantowski, Communications Director at GPA, said: “We’re absolutely delighted that once again, so many of our members are supporting Global Prebiotics Week. Last year we saw fantastic engagement and strong campaign reach, which highlights the real market appetite for prebiotics.

“This year promises to be even better, and with a theme of ‘Powering the Microbiome’ we’re going to get deeper under the skin of gut health. This awareness week will offer learning opportunity on every level, from those who haven’t previously heard of prebiotics to those who are aware of the category, but now are connecting it to health and wellbeing.”

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