Clasado increases Global Prebiotic Association engagement

Published: 14-Dec-2021

Senior leadership members at the company have been appointed to the executive board and committees at the GPA

Clasado Biosciences, a developer of prebiotic ingredients for the human gut microbiome, will be stepping up its membership of the Global Prebiotic Association to executive board level.

Senior leadership team members at Clasado have been appointed to join key GPA committees. CEO Per Rehné will join the association board, while Dr Frederic Narbel, VP of Sales B2B, joins the GPA Communications committee as Vice-Chair and R&D Director, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, has been appointed to the Science & Technical committee.

The organisation aims to raise awareness of prebiotics to brands and consumers. As part of the executive board, the company will play a bigger role within the organisation, whose activities include events, workshops and developing resources to promote prebiotics and the science behind the category.

Clasado CEO, Per Rehné, said: “By amplifying our membership of the GPA, we intend to not just further accelerate our efforts in conveying the important messages surrounding gut health, but to contribute to a deeper scientific understanding of the gut microbiome. In terms of our understanding of the significant role gut bacteria plays in our physical wellbeing, we are only scratching the surface of its potential – it's an exciting time for the prebiotic category”.

“By partnering with GPA at board level and stepping up our committee involvement, we will accelerate prebiotic awareness and help to make better gut health more accessible around the globe.”

As part of its efforts to boost global knowledge of prebiotics, the company supported the Global Prebiotics Week, an awareness event hosted by the organisation. The event held in November marked the second Global Prebiotics Week after its inauguration in 2020.

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