Caffeinated stimulants get a WakeUp! call

Published: 28-Feb-2018

Plant-based alertness formula receives US patent

InnoBev has received a US patent for WakeUp!, its plant-based alertness formula.

The patent describes a method for providing an "awakening effect "as well as for compositions of plant extracts that help improve well-being.

The WakeUp formula is designed to counteract "post-lunch dip," the time of day when fatigue, drowsiness and foggy thinking can stunt productivity. It can help to provide a lift on slow mornings and evenings as well.

The formula incorporates functional extracts of guarana, ginkgo biloba, and elderberry, and is sweetened by a low-glycaemic fruit extract.

The non-caffeinated beverage answers a growing demand among today's health-conscious consumers who want to perform at optimal levels throughout the day, without the jitteriness, crash and other drawbacks of caffeine.

"This InnoBev patent approval comes at a time when energy drinks are under renewed scrutiny owing to concerns about negative health effects associated with overconsumption, and when major beverage brands are investing huge sums in healthy, science-based beverages," says Eli Faraggi, founder and CEO of InnoBev.

"Our internal clock helps regulate sleep patterns, feeding behaviour, hormone release and blood pressure. WakeUp alertness drink is designed to help consumers balance that internal clock."

Four clinical research studies conducted with third-party partners indicated that WakeUp can help to counteract fatigue and balance the body's circadian rhythm.

"In randomised controlled trials, WakeUp was shown to overcome the post-lunch dip/morning inertia, and improve vigilance, focus and work performance with no tolerance effect or side-effects, such as those associated with caffeinated beverages and other stimulants," explains science and regulatory specialist Risa Schulman, PhD, following an expert scientific review of InnoBev's formulations.

"In addition, when consumed consistently during a 30-day period, it could help improve brain function."

Faraggi notes that InnoBev originally sought only a solution to the post-lunch dip phenomenon. "Following the first clinical study, we quickly understood that we had developed an effective, safe and clinically supported way to improve wakefulness throughout the day," he explains.

The company now has two formulas: WakeUp, for dietary supplements, and Rhythm, for beverages.

Analysis of new product launches, tracked by Innova Market Insights from 2013-2017, sees "green" energy drinks that feature natural energy sources, as having a major impact on the energy drink/alertness/stimulation category moving forward.

Additional clinical research is being conducted on WakeUp by Giora Pillar, PhD, head of sleep laboratory at Israel's leading science institute, the Technion Faculty of Medicine, Haifa. The studies are scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2018.

"The timing for launching WakeUp in the US and elsewhere is based on the important milestones already achieved, new research in the pipeline, and InnoBev's long-term commitment to innovative science-based food and beverage development," says Faraggi.

The WakeUp formula can be integrated into cereals and dairy yogurts for a comprehensive range of "BioWaker" solutions.

InnoBev is currently seeking partnerships with leading US beverage and supplement companies.

"We believe our scientifically supported and ready-to-market approach will disrupt the energy category," Faraggi states. "Our business model includes joint ventures and licensing of the InnoBev IP, either by application or by market segment. WakeUp also can be readily integrated into existing consumer brands."

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